8 x 800s

This evening I continued my pursuit of weekly speed work and put together a session that is moving in the right direction. I started with a three mile warm up on trails, dragging Squall by his leash (it was unclipped, he was pulling on it) and coaxed him to the river. Since upping my running volume a few weeks ago, my legs have been relatively flat since I've skipped the golden rule of recovery (take a day off!). That said, I didn't high expectations for the track. 

I chose 800s because I wanted a little more speed and to get an idea of where I was at in terms of a Yasso workout (marathon pace predictor). Last year I did 8x800s averaging 3:07 pace so my goal this session was sub 2:50 (marathon goal time for me would be sub 2:45'ish with three months of focused training). My average for the workout ended up being 2:46. I think adding five minutes to Yasso to be conservative would put me at a 2:51 marathon (6:31 min/mi pace). Doubt I could touch that right now but it's in the back of my mind... For now I'll continue to hit my speed, tempo, and long runs and stack on miles. I'll also be switching from trails to mostly pavement to get my pace up. 

Here were my 800 splits: 2:51, 2:47, 2:48, 2:45, 2:48, 2:45, 2:45, 2:41