All Trails Lead to Hurricane Point

I wasn't sure where to run today but Lead Mine Road sounded like a good option to get 5-6 miles in. Jim suggested that we park at the corner of Lead Mine and Black Brook Road to avoid extra hills (I was just fine with that). From there we ran down Lead Mine and hooked a left into the Goodwin Forest trails around the marsh. 

The marsh area of the forest offers spectacular views of a natural wetland. A trail around the marsh was constructed by the Town Forester, with the help of school children, in approximately 1995. It is annually cleared of fallen timber by members of the Madison Conservation Commission. A large portion of the forest contains pitch pine and in 2007 the Town and the USDA entered into a 8- year agreement to restore the pitch pine environment with clearings and prescribed burns to take place from 2012 to 2016. These actions will help the natural ecology of these threatened trees. The land was donated to the Town by Herbert and Betsy Goodwin in 1984. A timber sale was conducted in the Winter of 2007-2008 to improve forest quality.

We crossed over Lead Mine and headed out on some singletrack trails that go down around Cook's Pond. From there we continued north on the trails until we popped out on East Shore Drive and crossed over to Hurricane Point:

Hurricane Point borders Silver Lake, while an additional lot is across the East Shore Drive and has 2.9 acres of land. There is a simple trail that brings hikers from East Shore Drive to the point and loops through the property. There are no trails on the East Shore lot.
The land was gifted by Frank E. Kennett Jr. and A. Crosby Kennett. E.E. Cummings did some of his early writings (The Enormous Room published in 1922) in a tree house at the point.

We headed back on another trail that paralleled East Shore Drive and crossed Lead Mine once again to access the Jackman Ridge Trail. I've run this trail a few times now and it's getting a little better. However, tonight was like running through a mine field of snags and holes hidden by leaves. I managed to roll and ankle and fall to my knees after catching a snag, all while on high alert. 

There wasn't anything remarkable about this run, but it's surprising that I'm still finding new trails just a few miles from the house. We left a lot more loops to explore back there, will revisit this area again soon.