Back to the Track

I was able to get back on schedule this week with my track work. I'm freestyling things a little but working off my previous track workout, I really wanted to string together several miles at HM pace. For this I took the safe road of doing 3 x 2 miles with 400m recovery. The plan was to go 6 minute pace on the first mile, and 5:55 on the second laps. I had Jim there to pace me - he spent most of his time in lane two at a 5:39 pace (pretty sure that's still cardio for him). Everything went according to plan. I was able to maintain my pace with a little work. My HR continued to rise and I'm sure the wheels would have fallen off given another set or two. I'm happy with the work considering that I put in some good work yesterday. Unsure what to do next week - Could go back to 800s and work on top end speed or continue to work on linking paced miles.