Last Run, Pre 50.

Went out to get the last of my miles before Sunday's race. Nothing very interesting - essentially the Madison 5k course then 113 back. I tested out some new gear I picked up today. All black everything, plus, an inov-8 water bottle fanny pack that Jim is lending me. I've put about 80 miles on my new Cliftons and sorted out the slipping footbed (swapped one out from my Bondi). 

On the run, I couldn't help but take inventory on my body - legs, didn't feel fresh and my shins were even bothering me a little. Nothing significant but I'd imagined going into this race with boundless energy and zero borderline injuries. I guess last week's 60+ miles and this week's 20+ miles (so far) probably wasn't the best executed taper but it's where I'm at and tomorrow is a rest/travel day.

Time to second-guess my pack list...