Chocorua Mountain Run

The weather was so nice today that I had to get a hike in and lately I've been into sunset hikes then coming back down with a headlamp. Chocorua is the closest objective around with any substantial gain. 

But - before hiking I still wanted to get my work in so I did an out and back to the Silver Lake Post office. My pace goal was just sub 7s and go from there. The way out was decent, mostly downhill though. On the return I slowed a bit and was starting to feel the pace. The good news is that my legs are regaining stamina but I'd really like to be holding a faster clip. 

Hilary was back from work by the time I got home. We left the house a little late after scrambling for items to bring. I opted for my better (heavier) camera set up with a tripod plus 2L of water, and some food. I forgot my jacket which would later limit our time on the summit. Starting on the 3.8 mile Piper Trail, we only had 1 hour 20 minutes before the official 18:16 sunset but we wanted the golden hour and start our hike which turned into a run. We left the trailhead at 4:52 and ran/power hiked up in 1:15 which was solid given my tired legs and extra weight. 

It was gorgeous up there but also windy and cold. Not having a jacket really limited my time up there and by 18:40 I had to get out of there. We pulled out the headlamps at the intersection with Champney Falls trail and continued our run down. That trail is so well maintained that the last two miles feel like they are wheel chair accessible. Hope to get more of these hikes in when the foliage starts to pop.  

Sunset between Whiteface and Passaconaway.

Squall's 3rd summit bid.

Watching the colors pop - Chocorua sunset over the Sandwich Range.