Madison 5

After yesterday's rest day I honestly didn't feel rested. Aches still ached and confidence slips when you start second guessing if you're as fit as you think you are. I'm also still feeling a deep bone bruise from when I slipped on my back (anterior superior iliac spine) at the Kismet Cliff Run. But rarely is everyone 100% heading into a race that demands so much training. I'm lucky to make it out of summer with just a few niggles. 

Yesterday I ran an easy 5 with Jim Johnson in Madison. He was 4th last year at the VT50 so we talked for most of the run about the experience. It's helpful to get beta on such a long course to go along with all the other pre-race research. He also lent me his waist belt for the race. Now I have no excuse not to bring a gopro!