Marshall Conservation Area MTB

Dave and I went back for redemption after our last ride up at Mineral Site. He was on a rental and had a miserable time. I had never biked the trails in the freshly cut Marshall Conservation Area so we drove over in the AM to check it out. We biked up the dirt road then continued on the brap trail before hanging a left into the woods on some singletrack. We took that to a dead end boulder and found another turnoff a little ways back. That trail took us up to high street which we followed up to the mineral site parking lot. From there it was familiar territory. We road mineral site to FR79 then to the stony ridge loop. We huffed it back out of FR379 and back to high street. Instead of heading back the same direction we took some brap trails back further down on High Street then pulled back in singletrack. There were a few new trails in there to the north that I hadn't been on and we ended up popping out at the farm next to the parking area. I don't think the new trails are anything special but a nice way to get too and from mineral site.