Passaconaway Road - Kancamangus Loop

Ok, yesterday was solid but today was more solid. Jim and I agreed on 15 miles after our run yesterday. I wanted to go run this loop because it's 14.5 miles and a nice change of scenery. Plus there's no major climbs, just steady grade either way you run it. We parked at Mountain Center Physical Therapy and were greeted with 30º temps and this view of the Pequawket pond:

We started our run and set the pace early. The first mile clicked off at 7:03 on my watch as we turned onto Passaconaway Road. After the next mile Jim pushed the pace lower, somewhere around 6:50. I hung back at 6:55, not by choice. It was tough on the moderate grade, all our elevation would be gained on this 6.5 mile stretch. By the third mile I was hot and shed my houdini, followed by my gloves. We crossed the covered bridge around 52 minutes in. From here it should be easy - a 1% descent back into Conway - but my legs were beat up. Jim kept pushing the pace though and pulled me faster and faster, moving from 6:50 pace down to 6:13 pace. We eased up a little but not much heading back to our cars but still had 0.6 miles to go and did a quick out and back across the footbridge to Quint Street. Very happy to run a much faster pace that some of my previous long efforts, something that I need to do more often. This will be my last big effort before the North Conway Half.