Post-Traverse Truck Retrieval

I felt bad making Hilary come to pick Squall and me up after our traverse and bought her dinner at the Margarita Grill instead. The forecast showed today's rain holding off and biking to Pinkham sounded like an adequate 37.7 mile shakeout. 

The temps were in no-man's land. Hovering around 45 and on a bike it felt like the 20s. I should have worn a light windbreaker for the first 29 miles (all the way to Glen). It was uncomfortable and I can't say I really enjoyed it, just thankful it wasn't raining. 

On the climb up the notch I tried to take it easy. My legs were flat but not dead. Over two hours in the saddle for me just isn't that comfortable but I clicked off the miles and tried to enjoy the climb as much as possible. 

Around the last turn before the final stretch to the visitors center, I had an inferno flashback. Can't wait for that race now that I have a lot more race experience. 

I coasted down past wildcat and great glen. There were brief moments of sleet which quickly turned to rain. I rolled into the parking lot to see my truck waiting right where I left her. No time to go hang by the river, had the boys back at home to get to.