Prospect Park (NYC)

I had lofty goals of running around Central Park / West  on some sort of 20 mile odyssey run - the 5 bridges run looked enticing. However, with the NYC marathon happening it really wasn't an option. I wanted to catch up with my friends in Brooklyn so a 3 mile loop around prospect park was going to make do. I met up with Piper in Fort Greene which is about a mile from where I was staying in Crown Heights. From there it was just under a mile to the park, add in the loop, back to her apartment, then my apartment and boom, 8 miles. I was feeling run down from 3 hour of sleep the previous night plus the big week I had so I'm fine not getting in 20. However, that night I put in another hour plus on one of those CitiBikes and another hour plus the next day chasing around Sara in the marathon. I did get a chance to walk around Central Park towards the end of the marathon though and it was awesome. I've been to the City nearly 10 times now and that was my first real cruise through the park. 

Piper getting her run on.