Shakeout & Planning

When I got home from yesterday's race I treated myself to a few NFL beers and ate everything in the kitchen (recovery 101 really). That didn't exactly help with the cramps at night plus the stiffness in my back from where I fell. 

This morning I really felt the weekend's damage. Feet were stiff, back was sore where I fell on it, the outside of my right knee ached (forgot about falling on it on the way up the Red Ridge trail). I slept in but still needed another nap around 4pm. By 7pm I was in a good spot to get out for a jog and just went out for an hour to loosen things up. The darkness is creeping up now. I should have had a headlamp for the last three miles but it was all quiet dirt roads with only a few cars passing by. 7.4 miles to kick off the week.

Planning: Going to set aside the bike and focus on running for the VT50 and the White Mountain Milers Half Marathon. Basically this means getting in a track and tempo workout for the next six weeks leading up to the half. I'll take things a little easier leading into the VT50 but still have a long run left in me for the end of the week then taper the following week.

Meanwhile, my left palm has recovered nicely!

Remnants from the pemi loop that was re-opened in Sunapee last week. The black is from the bike gloves which were a smart choice for today's race.