Track Progression

Easy 2 mile warm up on the track after Squall protested running trails. For the first time I let him in the track off leash because he tends to freak out and bark. He calmed down after a few laps and just sat and watched. 

Once I was warmed up I put him in the truck and switched out of my Hokas and into racing flats. Last minute goal was to run 6:30 / 6:00 / 5:30. I forgot how much speed hurts! holding 6:30 was difficult and the thought of increasing the pace didn't seem realistic. I pushed through it and used my lap pace on my watch as motivation to just focus on the task at hand. I was able to get my first lap under 6:30 and kept my eye on the lap pace... next thing you know I'm hitting splits and moving faster. It's a challenge to get the speed/turnover after doing so many long slow runs so this was a great reminder of what "speed" feels like. Again, this isn't that fast but for me and where I'm at right now, it's my version of fast. 

Also, I was pleasantly surprised by my barefoot cooldown inside the track. My legs feel as strong as they ever have right now.