Working out the booze in the cool air

Arrived home yesterday afternoon after a good time in Manchester, VT for a wedding. I would have liked to run somewhere in VT but I didn't have any clean running gear and I was a little dinged up from the drinks the night before. The pulled pork sandwich I had for lunch at King Arthurs didn't help the cause either. 

We picked up the Squall from my dad at Stark Road and hung out for a bit before heading back to madison. After a quick unpack we motivated to get 8 miles in before the sun set. We were going to leave Squall at home but felt bad after not seeing him all weekend. He was happy to come and behaved well. He's always a wildcard on runs but now that it's cooler out I think he'll be happy to join us. 

We went down Lead Mine Road to the south beach on Silver Lake. We took a few minutes to hang out before turning back. Everything felt better on the return - my legs felt especially strong. But my stomach wasn't sitting too well. Probably had something to do with the mix of drinks, cupcakes, and whatever else my body was trying to digest. 

Solid week overall. 60+ miles if you include my deflagging plus a couple swims and a bike ride. Time to taper for the VT50. Planning on doing a few swims plus a ride for cross training plus a track workout and a few 5 mile runs. Maybe 20 miles heading into Sunday depending on how the legs feel.

the world is right again.

the world is right again.