October 24 - 30

Stacking Vert.

Tuesday evening I ran the 9 miles to powder hour (dryland training) at the Mountain Center PT clinic. I thought everything was rolling smoothly holding a 6:45 min/mi pace but at mile 7 my right knee flared up and it was a big red flag that running, especially racing, isn't going as planned. I've been working on building volume so this week I adapted to what works and found a few other ways to put in volume without bothering my knees. The goal moving forward is to put in 20k vert per week through running, hiking, biking, and hopefully skiing! Heading out to Idaho mid December for my first SkiMo race of the winter.

Monday: 2.6 miles. Easy run from the house, short on time. Did manage to pick apples and press 20 gal of cider.
Tuesday: 9 miles. Run to Powder Hour. Mile 7 was slow with the knee issue but overall it was a good run. Powder Hour for dryland.
Wednesday: Off. Rested the legs and went to Hilary's talk down in Boston.
Thursday: 12 miles. A great hike / trail run up Middle, Peaked, Black Cap, and Cranmore. Was low on both time and light and had flurries up on Black Cap. Powder Hour for dryland.
Friday: AM 1:30hr on the bike trainer. Biking feels great on the legs. 
Saturday: SKI! A single lap at Wildcat after our first real snow. Went with Jerimy Arnold and had a great time. PM 5 miles lapping King Pine. 
Sunday: Cranmore x4. 10+ miles and ~4,800'. Knee was bugging me on the descents but overall not a show stopper.