Week of April 4 - 10

Whew. Busy and stressful week leading up to the Inferno. The uncertainty of Saturday's race ate at me for the days leading up, questioning if I had over-trained or overlooked some aspect of the event. However, once the race started, that was all put to rest. Full race report coming soon. 

My running is coming along. Wednesday's workout was originally supposed to be 3 x 2mi at a moderate pace, on a track. Last time I did this was in the Fall leading up to the White Mountain Half Marathon and I was just trying to hold 6 minute pace. Granted that was coming off the VT50 but things have shifted and I have new goals that come with improved pacing. The track was still locked up and I decided to just lap the High School parking lot which is roughly half a mile. There was still sand in places and a shifting wind that made it inconsistent but work is work. I was happy to see that I was ducking under 6 minute pace and running smooth. I held back on doing a full 3rd rep but pushed a bonus mile under 5:30 pace, something I need to do more often! I know I'm capable of running much faster so I have to do just that. These weekly track sessions are going to set me up for a ton of PRs this season. 

Other than that workout, my week focused on easy runs. I took Sunday completely off knowing that I was going to get much out of a run. My legs were stiff and I just did some walking with the dog and indulged in food and drinks while I savored the result of months of hard work pay off. Again, most of this week's review will go into a heft Inferno Race Report...

Run: 43.2 mi | 5,935' (Includes power hike / shuffle up to Tuckerman Bowl)
Backcountry: 1000' | Left Gully Inferno Course (x3) 
Bike: 1hr 48mins | 34 mi
Kayak: 1hr 41mins