Week of Aug 29 - Sep 4


Monday: Off
Tuesday: Downs Road (7.4mi) - Very flat legs. Thought I was running a minute or two faster than my actual pace. A sure sign to rest up and recover.
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Off

Friday: Millen Mile - Almost bailed as I was feeling unusually tired all day. The race is during the halftime of the high school football game and it's just local runners. My legs actually felt great warming up but and my expectations were low given the past month. I was going off feel and anything sub 5:15 would have been satisfying. Last year I ran 5:04 and obviously a sub 5 run is the next goal - I was surprised to run a 73'ish first lap but ran out of gas the next couple laps. I was able to finish 5:05 which was great given that I was running solo (Zach Switaj ran a 4:27 / Jim Johnson ran 4:47) and didn't have much of a pull. I don't know if I'll ever be trained up for a mile race but I'd be disappointed if I can't work down to sub 5 sooner than later.  
Saturday: Short Mountain Bike (Shooting video). Practicing shooting Alex Leich on the bike, got some great shots but ultimately missed a few shots when I forgot the phone cable at one of the earlier locations. Will work on a real video soon.

Alex Leich - Sticks and Stones.

Sunday: Attitash (10 miles) - I had this idea of downhill run training by using the lifts. A special thanks to Corey Madden for making this happen. Downhill running is grossly underestimated - the pounding the quads take requires conditioning for ultra running and I couldn't think of a better way to train than do a few laps down a ski area. Hilary and I ran over on Bear Peak and the high speed quad with a 1,500' descent made for an excellent training location. My legs held up fine and we ran the Hills and Hops course plus a few trails around Thorn Pond after. Unfortunately I also realized that I have shingles which isn't surprising plus explains some of my low energy. UTMB obviously took its toll and compromised my immune system. Fortunately I caught it early (although I had been noticing some tingling / nerve issues on my back over the last couple weeks) and got on some antiviral meds. It should work itself out in a week or two. Side note - this is my second bout with shingles, first was in '03 post-college exam week. I won't be racing in the Pitch Pine Triathlon this weekend but offered to volunteer instead.