Week of August 1 - 7

Enjoying the Recovery.

Logging in family time during my recovery week. 

It's rare in my training that I give myself a week to hang up the shoes and enjoy taking a handful of zeros. After big efforts you should give yourself a week or two but I get antsy and want to test out my body to see how things feel. On Monday my feet were feeling remarkably better. The foot blisters had subsided a bit, allowing me to comfortably walk around. Tuesday I went to my local fun run to further test out the legs. I put in a hard effort which resulted in a time nearly 2 min 30 sec slower than two weeks ago. Obviously the legs were flat but I find that giving them a little work helps the recovery both physically and mentally. I continued to take more time off (Wed - Friday) and race the Beach to Beacon 10k on Saturday.

Giving my legs those extra days off helped immensely. The race went great, posting a time of 38:35 which is about 3 minutes off my Market Square Day 10k earlier this summer. To be honest, I'm not in road shape after dedicating the last month+ to Direttissima training and I don't know that I could run much faster even if my legs weren't dinged up. 

Moving forward I'll be getting consistent miles in over the next two weeks and should be recovered for the OCC on the 24th!