Week of July 11 - July 17

Taper Down Now.

Looking back on the summer so far (or the spring and winter for that matter), my Strava log is littered with big efforts, racing, and a lot of miles. It came to a head after the weekend when I realized a couple things - a) my legs were shot and b) my window for the Direttissima was closing in. I recovered well from the Hut Traverse but went right into another big weekend with the Bear Brook Marathon. I tried to keep charging but the legs just weren't into it. I took the hint and backed off the running and focused on recovery (yoga, sleep, icing the knees, massage, and stretching). Things are feeling remarkably better and after another few days I should be back to 100%. 

Monday: REST
Tuesday: Whitaker Woods Fun Run - Hard effort but legs were dead. Glaring red flag that I needed to rest up and recover. 
Wednesday: Wake surfing on Conway Lake & Yoga at MCPT

Quiet afternoon on Conway Lake.

Thursday: Hiked Mount Madison & Adams - 10 miles, 5,600'

Thursday evening illumination.

Friday: Albany Town Forest Trails - 4.6 miles

Post-run pups.

Saturday: REST

Sunday:  Dirt Roads - 6.2 miles