Week of July 4 - July 10

Taking a Break from the Mountains.

Although the Hut Traverse didn't exactly wreck me, my recovery was much slower than I was expecting.  To help with recovery (no knee-pounding descents!) I shifted my focus this week back to running and signed up for the Bear Brook Trail Marathon. With that in mind I took it easy knowing that I was going to have a big effort on Saturday. I also made sure to piggyback on that effort by recovering well (Saturday night pig roast), and putting in another good effort on Sunday. 

Monday: 5 miles on the road - testing the legs. Still felt borderline "injured" from the Hut Traverse but running on a mix of pavement and dirt roads loosened up the legs and I felt much more like a runner by the end.

Tuesday: Whitaker Woods 5k (race) - 18:13 which I'll take. Legs are healing up and it was important to get a tempo/race effort in. 

Wednesday: 8.5 Miles Road - Back to normal. Finally feeling my legs again. With DoubleJ out and back on 41 with a bonus swim at Railroad Beach on Silver Lake. He gave up his Bear Brook spot to me which was nice!

Thursday: TrackWork Lite400 (1:23) / 800 (2:46) / 1200 (4:08) / Mile (5:38) / easy 800 (3:25): Flushing out the legs, needed to get some track time in for the mind. 

Friday: 5 Miles Road - relaxed and feeling better.

Saturday: Bear Brook Trail Marathon! Perfect race, we all (lead pack) worked hard together and basically just came down to who blew up last. This was a perfect test of my durability and although I had the same crippling right knee pain I experienced on the Hut Traverse, it was slightly more mild and didn't kick in until the last few miles. 

Bear Brook Trail Marathon Podium 2016.

Sunday: 12 Trail Miles: With Hilary & Squall on the Nanamocomuck Ski Trail from the Albany Covered Bridge up towards Bear Notch Road. Muddy in a few sections but otherwise perfect for a longer recovery run. Again, testing the durability - left hip flexor went around mile 7 and the right knee never locked up. A good sign for sure!

Happy Trails on the Nanamocomuck.

Next Week: The plan is to get back into the mountains Wednesday / Thursday with a couple big efforts plus keep the run efforts steady. This week I put in 75+ run miles but need significantly more time on feet. Excited to keep on pushing!