Week of June 20 - 26

Ramping Up.

Glen Boulder, Pinkham Notch.

Now that the Mt Washington Road Race is a week removed, it's time to focus on bigger efforts. This is a little frustrating because things were clicking with my road running but my next goal is to set the FKT for the White Mountain Direttissima. Training for this is essentially like training for an ultra stage race meaning I'll need to stack some big efforts through fast packing / super hiking. 

Monday: I started this week off with some easy miles but also hiked up to tree line on Mt Madison with a 50lb pack to camp for the night. Although I was enclosed with spruce trees, the wind whipped through my site and I was forced to pack it up at 1am and head home. 

Tuesday: I slept very little and still made it to our local fun run. I was able to log 9+ miles and a hard effort on tired legs. Unfortunately this will have to qualify as my "speed" work for the next few weeks. 

Wednesday: This was supposed to be a track workout but there was a weekly kids track meet. Hilary and I headed over to the mountain bike trails for an easy run. During the run I figured Thursday would be a good day to run the Pemi Loop (weather permitting).

Thursday: Up at 3:45AM and out the door shortly after I made it to the Lincoln Woods trailhead shortly after 5am. The goal was to put in a good effort but enjoy it. I didn't want to be 'broken' as I was after my loop last summer. The day was perfect and with only a couple spills in the first half, I had a great time pushing through Franconia Ridge and felt strong finishing in 8 Hours. I took the time to snap it so here it is: 

Franconia Ridge, NH

Friday: I felt surprisingly good and was able to get in 11 miles with Jim Johnson with a little climb in there too (1k+). 

Saturday: I accompanied Hilary on her long run around Silver Lake. Right off the bat my right knee was sore (where I fell on it during the Pemi Loop and in the yard playing with Squall last night). I toughed it out and had a strong finish on the 12 mile run. That night we hiked up to Glen Boulder for a few photos / video. It's such a nice hike being only 1.6 miles off the road. 

My NEMO Nightlight.

Sunday: Took it nice and easy with a short run with Hilary & Squall. 

Dog days of Sebago.

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76 'Run' Miles with 13.5k' vert in there. Then there were the 12 miles of hiking with 4.7k' vert. It was a good week jumping off into ultra training and will continue to ramp up with bigger and more difficult efforts.