Week of June 27 - July 3


Finish What You Start.

This week's focus was to build on last week's Pemi Loop and figure out something bigger to keep progressing with distance, elevation, and time on feet. The Hut Traverse ticks all those boxes plus it had been on my bucket list for a couple years now. It was a huge success and you can read my report on the Hut Traverse page. The big takeaway was that although I was very much ready to call it with just 4 miles left, I sucked it up and got it done. I'm hoping that working through the 20th hour will provide a strong mental resource to draw upon in bigger efforts. For now, it's focusing on recovery and then heading back out for a few more "super hikes" and overnights. Here's the details on the week:

Northeast view from the summit of Osceola.


Monday: Greeley & Osceolas - A much needed morning in the mountains with Hilary & Squall.
Tuesday: Whitaker Woods Fun Run - 18:03. Trending slower but my run fitness peaked a couple weeks ago. Expect the times to continue to slide as I switch over to more hiking.
Wednesday: MTB (Pudding Pond / Sidehill) - easy, showing Josh Flanagan our popular trails.
Thursday: Hut Traverse
Friday: ZERO (should have gone swimming, legs were very swollen).
Saturday: Biked the Kanc to get the truck - felt great by the end, 45 miles on the ride.
Sunday: Hiked up to watch the Loon Mountain Race - first time sitting out a race since Wildman 2014 which was the race that motivated me to start competing. It's something that I hope to do a little more of, spectating and taking photos.