Week of Oct 31 - Nov 6

Adding It All Up.

I fell short of my weekly goals but in other ways it was a huge success. Hard to put up big numbers with two rest days and that was completely avoidable. Thursday I headed to the VT Forum and Saturday I was at ESAW. Those two events made it tough (but not impossible) to get out and play. 

On the positive side of things, I still managed over 14 hours of activities, 16k vert, and almost put in a couple good efforts. Running is aggravating my right knee and hiking does a little too but the aid of poles has helped. Biking on the other hand feels great so this next week will be a mix of hiking and biking and hopefully a little skiing if the resorts have been blowing.

Monday: Hike up to Lion Head. Turned out it was full on winter up there and the winds were blowing from the North-Northeast making it very chilly. Conditions looked bony at best! 
Tuesday: Hill work on the bike - Laps on Page Hill. 
Wednesday: 9 Miles of hills. Even at a relaxed pace this was still a tough effort. 
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 30 mile Tamworth Loop - first time I've been comfortable in the saddle for 1hrs+. Back tightened up towards the end.
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Chocorua x2. Mostly hiking with some running. With Squall which made it fun. Up the Middle Sister Trail to Chocorua taking the bad weather loop. Then down the Brook Trail and up the Liberty Trail to summit again, then down the Piper Trail at last light. It was tough to motivate but by the first summit I felt good. 

The things dogs make us do. He said one more take, nailed it. #squallypup #hero #gusting #hikethewhites

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