Week of October 10 - 16

Do More.


Squall taking in the Sunset on South Moat.

I made an effort to get back into running and log 50+ miles. That didn't happen - I've been having knee pains that are a red flag to back off the mileage, foam roll, and do something else active that doesn't hurt. It looks like that's going to be cycling for the short-term, something I've been neglecting all summer. When I look back at last year's training, cycling was a core component and allows the joints to recover when the body gets banged up. I'm guessing that the VT50 tightened up my legs and I never took care of that. Tight muscles can really trash your knees, especially over the course of longer runs. The good news is biking doesn't seem to irritate anything and is still great base training for this winter. I'd love to start riding consistently and log 15+ hours / week running and biking plus do one or two hikes. My "active" volume has been really low and now is the time to bring that back up and do more!

Monday: 6 miles - easy on trails. 
Tuesday: 7.6 miles - realized that SkiMo season is just a couple months away, time to do work.
Wednesday: 10 miles - easy pace, body was tired and it turned into a bigger effort than I had planned. 
Thursday: Dryland - mix of squats and lunges with dynamic movements. Added in a couple 10 minute runs between sets. I plan on keeping up with these exercises through the winter.
Friday: 9m5 miles - with Tom Hooper around Cathedral / Whitehorse ledge + some MTB trails. This is where I realized my knees were junk. Halfway into this run there as an acute pain in my right knee, similar to what I felt during my hut traverse. I limped in the second half and that was that.
Saturday: 18 mile bike / 5 mile hike. Turns out I locked myself out of my truck on Friday which was a great excuse to dust of the bike. Beautiful day for a ride. Then I tried to catch the moonrise from South Moat. The moonrise was too close to sunset so that never panned out. The sunset was nice and I ran into Dominick LaPorte and Joe Klementovich doing work. It was great to have company on the way down!
Sunday: 27 mile bike. Easy ride to wrap up the week. Enjoyed the loop around Ossipee Lake Road over to Tamworth and back via 113.