Week of October 17 - 23


Last week I wanted to start upping the volume but my body said otherwise. It's important to listen to the cues that tell you when to back off. My body hasn't been right in a few weeks (acute knee pain) and this week wasn't the time to start increasing my workouts. Instead, I took the opportunity to slow things down but still be active. This was further encouraged by a trip to Baja for some surf and relaxation. I did an easy 5 miles on Saturday and everything felt good, a sign that I should be alright to start loading up the workouts this week.

Monday: Chocorua / Middle Sister Hike (9.5mi). Beautiful fall day, trail covered in leaf litter. Wanted to give the legs a little break but still do some climbing. 
Tuesday: 6 Miles. Easy run up the road but knees started to get aggravated around mile 4.
Wednesday: Travel (Baja)
Thursday: AM Yoga
Friday: Surf (2 hours)
Saturday: Surf (1 hour), 5 miles easy, felt great!
Sunday: Travel (back to NH)