Week of October 3 - 9

Moving Forward.

Incredibly productive week on all fronts. Physically, I'm still dealing with a few recovery issues but all in all I'm happy with how things are going. The number one priority right now is my health and while I was beat up last week, I felt considerably better this week. Now, the only question is do I feel good enough to squeeze in a 50K next weekend...

Monday: 5 easy miles with Jim out and back to the Wilcox Estate. 
Tuesday: Hike along the Kanc (2 miles), right knee bothering me. Six miles
Wednesday: Kearsarge Hike. Slogged my camera + drone up which took a considerable amount of effort. Got a few shots so I guess it was worth it. 
Thursday: 12 Miles, Flat Mountain Pond Loop. Awesome run with Tom Hooper.
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Hills & Hops 5k (1 mi warm up, 2+ mile cool down). 
Sunday: AM MTB (7 Miles) & Lamb Fest