Week of Sep 26 - Oct 2

Recovery 101

Foliage in Maine - October 1, 2016

Looking at my post-VT50 week last year, I took a day off and got right back into running and put up 21 miles. This year I realized how long these efforts stay in your legs. For me it's a week minimum before things spring back to life. So instead of running I did some shuffling around the lawn Monday and a nice walk around Purity Lake on Wednesday. My left achilles tendon flared up late Monday AM and was a reminder to rest up. My back was also sore (noticed it mid race) and it's time to get back into strength training.  

This is how recovery is going:

Monday: Absolute worst. Quads and arches sore all over. Still trying to shake this cold.
Tuesday: Able to bend legs 90º. Awesome.
Wednesday: Full range of motion and able to run a little. Still a deep soreness.
Thursday: Achilles tendonitis flare up gone. Negative calf raises (only 20 on each leg) made my calves sore! Legs are slightly better but four days without activity I'm getting stir crazy.
Friday: Last lay day. Deep fatigue still set in legs. Did some foam rolling and more negative calf raises (2x20).
Saturday: Tested the legs. Things were OK for the first couple miles but I stopped to greet a dog and when I started up again, left hip - tight, left achilles - tight, and knees were achy. plus there was still deep muscle soreness in the quads. Powered through for 6 miles.
Sunday: Easy 3 mile run. It's had to take time off when I just want to be out running normal speed again. 

Looking forward, if the legs feel good I'll get on the track Tuesday, easy long run on Thursday, and race on Saturday. I'll see if I can ramp things up to cram for a half marathon PR at the end of the month but if my legs are recovered I'm going to try to get in a 50 miler in a couple weeks. We'll see!