Week of September 19 - 25

Nova Scotia (Part 2) + VT50


Ascutny via Brownsville, VT.

So Nova Scotia was supposed to be my taper but turned out to wear me down and get me sick. Don't get me wrong, it was a great trip and I'd drop everything to do it again; however, driving loops around the province eating my weight in expensable food wasn't exactly a productive 'taper'. And I put taper in quotes because if you look at my training log I spent a week recovering from UTMB, came down with shingles, crammed in 70 miles in five runs, got sick and thought I was good to go! That said, heading into the VT50 I felt fine. In an alternate universe perhaps I laid down a 7:15 but not this one. I had expectations this year after having great success last year in my first ultra (I had trained pretty well too). The weather was ideal, I had no injuries, just a minor cold, and it wasn't like I was coming off the couch. Anyway, I won't dwell on the result but it will change the way I approach future races. I'm competitive and really don't want to race if I haven't done the work to perform to my ability. 

Monday: 5mi hike / 3.2mi run. Hiked the popular Skyline Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Then we drove several hours to an oyster farm. I didn't have the gear to go out on the barge so I opted to go for a run instead. The mosquitoes were something else. 
Tuesday: 2 mile walk / 4 mile run. Driving around PEI waiting for our scenic flight. The weather never cleared up so we headed up to Cavendish Beach then back to Summerside for a run on their bike trail.
Wednesday: A lot of driving and chip reviews.
Thursday: 6.2 run. In the surf town of Lawrencetown just outside of Halifax. We checked out some points to the north along the rec path and some offshoot trails. Had a midday flight back to Boston.
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: Rest.
Sunday: VT50. Already summed this up in the race report. Time to recovery and refocus my training.