Week of December 19 - January 1

Get Off the Computer and Get Outside!

Playing catch up here as the last two weeks of the year flew by. Thanks to a healthy serving of snow and excellent skiing conditions, I've been able to mix it up with a lot of backcountry adventures as well as nordic skiing and some indoor time on the trainer. Here's the wrap on 2016.

Coming back from Idaho I'll admit that I was burnt out. The long training efforts had worn on me and it was time to focus back on skiing for fun. For me that means getting into the mountains as much as possible, exploring early season conditions, and picking up where things left off last spring. While everything has been dialed back, my body felt great and recovered well from the fall training block. It's good to get that "down" period in before ramping back up. 

Also notable, I officially launched my backcountry demo fleet which has had a great response in the backcountry community. The way I see it is that backcountry skiing is still a niche, an expensive sport requiring more money for more gear. But the platform is there - nordic and alpine skiing is massive here in New England and backcountry draws from both. It's exciting to share the equipment with customers to welcome them into the activities and experiences that keep me heading back to the mountains. 

Here's the past two weeks in photos:

Big thanks to #mountwashington for cracking the whip today. #skithewhites. @alexlike2bike @badasscoach #granitebc

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