Week of January 2 - 8

Reminder to Appreciate Your Health.

The week started off great (see gallery below). Monday I went up to the Gulf of Slides after touring around this past weekend and getting skunked. Surprisingly, this was only my second time in this zone, ever. Jerimy Arnold and Dave Soroka joined for a day or touring as well as a lot of squandered time snapping photos but I'd say it was well worth it. The snowpack was stable and we were able to get four decent runs in. 

Tuesday was a recon mission up to King Ravine with Ryan Kelly. We knew it wasn't going to be easy getting to the floor of the ravine but that's half the fun right? The Gorham side is definitely lacking snow but I was hoping that with the recent storm that the south winds would have filled things in a little bit. Well those south winds were still whipping and funneled right down into the ravine. We spent about two hours getting to the trail junction with the Subway before deciding to call it. Low visibility was also really going to complicate things. If the weather had been better then we could have justified pushing on but we decided to salvage the day by heading back to the Appalacia trailhead and redirect to Pinkham. Pinkham was protected from the weather and we were able to ski Hillman's under low visibility but excellent conditions.

The rest of the week fell apart on Wednesday. After taking my meisters run I decided for an extra training run on the GS course set on the comp slope. I have new racing boots and wanted to working on getting forward and flexing them to see how they felt in a "real" course. I had already skied the course twice and I didn't think much of taking a third run before leaving the mountain. On the third of fourth gate I felt a back muscle strain and didn't realize the severity until a few hours later when the pain peaked, making me question how bad was this injury - 1 week? 2 weeks? more? There wasn't much to do except for resting and using a heat pack and ibuprofen to calm it down. 

I was still able to get on the bike but it wasn't until Sunday AM that I first noticed any sign of improvement. Today is about the same as Sunday but things seem to be heading in the right direction. It was a scare and a reminder to dial things back to salvage the awesome winter that is shaping up to be. I can't imagine being sidelined for more than a weekend so here's to a speedy recovery!


Monday: Gulf of Slides
Tuesday: King Ravine Recon / Hillman's
Wednesday: Cranmore Mountain Meisters & Back Strain!
Thursday: Off
Friday: Trainer (1hr)
Saturday: Trainer (2.5hr)
Sunday: Trainer (26min)