Another weird yet productive week of training. The big trail runs wear me down requiring a few days to get back into normal efforts. Wednesday I joined Noah Hoffman for a Pemi Loop - I thought it would have been easier given that it was the third one of the summer but it was still a grind towards the back half. The ascent up Lafayette was a solid push for me (Noah was definitely still aerobic) and I was able to PR on that section. A few photos from the loop below. Still squeezing in a little work with a proper workout on Saturday but next week I'll be off in the Adirondacks! 

Monday: 10 miles
Tuesday: Off (at Fischer HQ for videos)
Wednesday: Pemi Loop - CCW, 7:38
Thursday: Pine Island loop walk/run (3 miles)
Friday: South Doublehead Hike
Saturday: Workout - 2 x 10 miles, 1 x 5 miles. (8.2 miles)
Sunday: 10 miles