Week of July 31, 2017

Welcome to the Adirondacks!

Finally made it out of the Whites and five hours due west to the Adirondacks. This trip was planned in January - take a few camp kids anywhere you want and just make sure they get back to camp on Friday. With a blank slate it was difficult to make a plan that wasn't too ambitious for the 16 year olds. After browsing the forums and getting some input from friends / social media, I settled on Lake Colden to bag the popular hikes (Marcy / Agonquin) and then drive over to the nearby Dix Range to get out of the chaos that is the High Peak Wilderness. Camping at Colden Lake was busy but a great location. We were able to make a loop out of the MacIntyre Range (Iroquios, Algonquin, Wright) and looped back over Avalanche Pass. The second day I woke up at 2:30am to go climb the Trap Dyke to summit Mount Colden. This was a great adventure and was rewarded by a star-filled sky and beautiful sunrise. That morning we climbed Mount Marcy on an out and back and stopped at several swimming holes on the Opalescent River. The last day we hiked out and drove to Elk Lake where we looped Dix Mountain with passing thunderstorms. It cleared up as we made it to the summit revealing all the peaks we had just climbed the previous few days. The trip was a huge success and made me start considering a bigger, badder summer and winter adventures. 

Saturday was also the 20th TD Beach to Beacon 10k road race. My legs were still feeling the mountains but I was able to hold a respectable pace and finish 140/6800 in 36:24. Planning on getting a PR at that race in the future! 

Moving forward it's the Wellinghurst 5k on Tuesday and the Ragged 50k on Sunday. Going to hit the roads for a couple weeks before heading to Chamonix.