Winter Plans

The last few weeks have been busy, mostly by my own doing. Lots of events, presentations, and outings. Training has fallen into a nice rhythm that I hope to carry into the winter. I'm looking at running 40 miles per week and including a an interval workout. When spring rolls around it would be really nice to have some base run fitness instead of starting from scratch. 

Mountains. Lots of mountains. Skiing, hiking, running, but hopefully mostly skiing. It really doesn't matter how I end up spending my time outside but if I can get in miles and mountains the rest of my life will take care of itself.

The rest of life - that's going to be spent building the backcountry skiing community through Granite Backcountry Alliance and Ski The Whites. Helping start a non-profit (GBA) entailed a bigger commitment than I anticipated. Pair that with an eager community looking for an organizing to be a part of and it becomes a part-time job. If you're not a member yet and care about backcountry skiing in NH/ME, please join. We're hosting events all through the winter and have big plans to get projects off the ground next summer.

Ski The Whites - starting a business is hard. There's always work to be done, a lot of which I've put off (seriously, who documents all their receipts?). Here's a list of things going on right now:

  • Rebranding - working with Elsa Jenna to get a logo, clothing patterns, and a poster made. 
  • Rental Fleet - mounting skis.
  • Building out the shop - needs a lot of work, ski racks, display shelves, lighting, desk... I'll be spending the next few weeks focusing on that.
  • Inventory - need to keep better track of everything.
  • Legal work - rental waivers.
  • Events -  pre - touring league and morning meet-ups.
  • Merch - once I have brand designs, hats, shirts, and base layer.
  • Everything else I'm forgetting (like creating media, updating the website, blogs).

Races - this is the big unknown. Depends how the shop does but I'd love to get some SkiMo racing in plus hop in the other events I regularly participate in. That will be sorted out in January.

Personal Projects - going to continue making videos in the Whites. I'd love to get over to VT, ADK, Maine this winter but that is all snow dependent. There are a few bucket list tours still on my list from last year plus a new objective I found this summer. Hoping to connect with more local photographers too and keep getting media from the East Coast to the major outdoor brands. 

That's the general update. Next report will probably be after the Killington World Cup. Here are some photos from the past few weeks.