100 Miler Recovery

Cupping has been a big part of recovery.

I escaped the 100 unscathed. The sore quads are now just "flat and lifeless" quads but most of the pain subsided by Wednesday. The tendons on the other hand are still angry but nothing stopping me from my recovery program. I won't be running much these next two weeks - some experts recommend taking a day off per 10 miles of racing. I'm interpreting that as take things week by week and there's nothing to be gained by pushing it except an injury or prolonged fatigue. That said, I did do the Whitaker Woods 5k on Tuesday and I could barely duck under 8 minute pace. The lungs were burning but it was fascinating to see just how wrecked my system was. Biking has felt really good although there's something tight outside my right knee . Overall it was a restful week. Next week will be more of the same with some biking before Beach to Beacon 10k. If that goes well (sub 40min?) then I'll be racing the Ragged 50k for sure on August 12.

Monday: 2 mile walk. So stiff but felt much better once I started moving. 37 minute bike ride to get my truck which was left in town before the weekend.
Tuesday: 3 miles. Whitaker Woods 5k. All out effort landed me a 22:30, about 4 minutes off my normal pace. Was fun racing in the mid pack though. 
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3.3 miles - half walk, half shuffle. Trails down by Purity lake in the rain with Squall. 
Friday: 2.8 miles - running up Black Mtn x2 for FNV7. 
Saturday: Bike - 21 miles / 1:07. Feeling much better.
Sunday: 1.5 mile walk. 

Total: ~17 run/walk miles / 32 mile biking.