Back in the Mountains (Whites and Alps!)

Monday: Madison & Adams with Caitlin Patterson and Co. 10 miles, 5.8k' Hanging out with the Craftsbury nordic crew. Really enjoy the opportunity to hike / run with them in the mountains. They were going for a longer presidential traverse while Squall and I took it 'easy'. Ran into Liam Davis doing a traverse as well. 
Tuesday: Kinsmans and Haystack. 18 miles / 7k'. Third big day in a row but couldn't miss out on catching up with Karel Sabbe on his AT FKT. Met up with him on S. Kinsman and he was moving well but easy to keep up with... until he started going up, which he loved. Very impressive seeing that sort of strength on his 35th day of logging 50+ mpd. I was gassed and it didn't help carrying all the camera gear but well worth it.
Wednesday: Off - travel day - wish I had time to get a short run in but I had a million things to pack.
Thursday: Off - long layover in the Paris airport. I did walk a couple miles with heavy packs. 
Friday: Chamonix welcome hike/run with Sarah. 14 miles / 5.5k' Up to Refuge Albert 1er, a first for me out of Le Tour. We looped across the way and down to Col de Montets. We missed the bus so ran a mile back to the train we took originally. 
Saturday: Up to Le Brevent! 12.8 miles / 5.3k' with Sarah and we got stuck in the clouds. Missed out on the views and traversed over to Les Houches.
Sunday: Lac Blanc + Col du Brevent. 16 miles / 7k'. Photos and videos with the ladies (Sarah, Aliza, Corrine) up at Lac Blanc but unfortunately we were stuck in the clouds. Still managed some nice photos but had to drop down lower. That evening I went back up to Col du Brevent to see what I missed and caught a sunset before running down the access road. The VK course up under the Planpraz gondola is a must-do for Chamonix.

Total: 70 miles and 30.1k vertical feet in 5 days. Massive week back in the mountains and while I was concerned about my aches and pains, they seemed to back off by the end of the week. Love this place and can't wait to do a few more exploration hikes before settling for the UTMB events.