Training for a 100 miler (Week 7)

Ski Season is officially OVER

May 28-June 3

Friday Night Vertical Series at Black Mountain, Jackson, NH

Friday Night Vertical Series at Black Mountain, Jackson, NH

Monday: Last turns of the season at a resort just outside of Reykjavik. 
Tuesday: 8 miles. Easy run up Downs Rd.
Wednesday: 10.5 miles. Finally able to incorporate workouts into my training after several weeks of building up mileage. 10 x 3 minutes hill. Ran up Goe Hill from the house to do 0.3 mi repeats. surprisingly even splits all in the 2:5x range. 
Thursday: 4 miles AM, 2.4 miles PM. Easy run at home then running the Friday Night Vertical course. 
Friday: 2.4 miles. Friday Night Vertical, Week 1. Tough run, happy to get these efforts in though.
Saturday: 25 miles. Long run doing a couple laps in Madison while the King Pine Tri was going on. Felt it towards the end with 3.5hrs on the feet. Need a lot more of these before the VT100.
Sunday: 16 miles. Legs bounced back surprisingly well. This run came easy which was a positive sign.

Total: 67 Miles // 11,500' + 2.3k'  (skiing). 

Probably my most well-rounded week of training so far. With ski season in the rearview, it's time to focus on workouts and introduce speed & strength into my training. The Friday Night Vertical series had 30 runners / hikers and it's exciting to get these events going and see how it evolves over the summer. Next week I'll keep building my long run and race in the Market Square Day 10k in Portsmouth, NH.