Week of June 13, 2017

If there's one thing I learned during this run block, don't race during a building phase. Mount Washington capped off a run block where I built my mileage up from scratch over six weeks. The result - exhausted. I could have been a lot faster, perhaps faster than last year if I had limited my mileage and focused just on workouts. But that wasn't the driving goal - my motivation was to focus 100% on running which meant nearly all my volume stemmed from runs whereas in the past two years I've incorporated a large chunk of hiking, biking, and swimming.

This "experiment" proved what many I'm sure already knew, build up base mileage, then add workouts, then race. The legs never had a chance to recovery and adapt since mileage was building week-over-week. My weekly exercise volume suffered because my hours per week were capped at 10 once I cut out cross-training. 

The good news is that I avoided injury and have a solid base to build off now. I'll be lowering my mileage to focus on workouts and will try to ride a few times per week to keep building cardio while letting the run muscles recovery. There aren't any major races on the schedule until August so July should be a productive month.

Monday: 3mi recovery with Jim - was going to take this day off or go for a ride but Jim sucked me in. So exhausted.
Tuesday: Whitaker Woods Fun Run (Wk 2) - 7.4 mi total. Slightly faster than last week (probably because it wasn't pouring rain). Hard effort but trying to conserve some energy for Mount Washington. 
Wednesday: Boulder Loop with Hilary and Squall - 3mi. Did a 30s on/off run on the way up and ran down. 

Boulder Loop View.

Thursday: Loop around the neighborhood including a short climb up Pound Road with Jim - 5.2mi. 
Friday: Goodwin Town Forrest Trails with Squall and Brian - 4.7 mi.
Saturday: Mount Washington Road Race - 16.5mi total.
Sunday: AM MTB, PM 7.4 mi recovery - chest hurt from working so hard on Saturday!