Baldface Loop

I basically had my choice of hike anywhere in the Whites today. Originally I thought about doing the Tripyramids because I haven't hike them (or Osceola) since I moved back. In fact, there are 10 mountains left on my list. Tripyramids were out because Rosco is still a pup and it doesn't sound like much of a dog-friendly hike anyway. I looked on the other side of the map towards Evan's Notch and there was Basin Lake but right next door was the Baldface Loop. I had been meaning to get over that way this summer but I never did. It's a bit of a drive and they are only 3,500' in elevation. The loop is just under 10 miles (9.7) and it seamed like a hike the dogs would enjoy. I called up my friends Pete and Dave who were also interested. I thought it would only be a 3.5 hr outing but the hike was a little slower than I anticipated (with breaks and some light duty cliff scrambling). 

The climb is great though - We were above treeline without much effort on the Baldface Knob with views in every direction. The trail was easy going past the cliffs and the whole thing looks very skiable. After a few rounds of summit selfies we continued to North Baldface and down Bicknell Ridge. This is a highly recommended hike and I'll be back here this winter.