Week of September 12 - 18

Stack Complete + Nova Scotia (Part 1)

Welcome to Halifax.

This week's focus was on a Monday long run then recovery based on how my body responded. I also had a travel day Thursday (Nova Scotia) and I knew that I wasn't going to get in a ton of running up there but that was fine - I needed to max out my recovery. My body responded well to the back-to-back long runs but I certainly didn't feel peppy running Thursday AM. Sunday's run was a little better.

My long-time friend Ronan Donovan asked me to come and work as an assistant for a NatGeo Travel digital piece on Nova Scotia. It fit in well with my taper for the VT50 and was an opportunity to hang with him and watch him work as well as explore the province. I'll have another post on this trip next week.

Monday: 18 Miles. Purpose was to run on tired legs (which they most definitely were). Double J accompanied me on this effort which was nice because he muled extra water for me. This run also had significant hills which is also great prep for the VT50. I haven't done many back-to-back efforts but they seem to be the most beneficial prep for ultra races. 
Tuesday: Hiked down Red Tail Trail with Alex to do some video. We ran out of light just beyond the halfway point. Will come back when the foliage pops and wrap up that video.
Wednesday: Rest.
Thursday: 3.3 Miles - Down in Greenland before my bus / flight / drive. Didn't feel good.
Friday: Kayak - Camped on Mosher's Island. No good trails for running, or time for that matter.
Saturday: Kayak, off island. 
Sunday: 6.6 Miles - Rec path in Truro from our motel. Eating junk for the past few days plus little sleep. A six min mile on the end was HARD! Not what I was hoping for, a sub 30 mile week. That's life.