Madison to Conway (in the rain)

Yesterday evening I picked Hilary up from work and we drove straight to the Fair. Her car wasn't fixed yet (flat tire) so I was responsible for giving her a ride to work the next morning. Well come Friday AM it's cold and raining and it wasn't supposed to let up until late afternoon / evening. Which is when I came up with the brilliant idea of letting Hilary drive my car to work and I'd run the backroads to pick it up. I thought I'd video along the way to make it a little more interesting, which it did. I was motivated to go run a loop up in the Louise S. Wold Conservation Land which is 71 acres with a mile looping trail. It's not widely used but a fun trail to mix things up. 

It was the first time I had to run in tights and throw on some gortex runners. Winter is coming.

And later that afternoon Dave came over and he motivated for a bike ride on the Goe Hill Trails - I didn't tell him how much climbing there would be, apparently he prefers chairlifts. Anyway, he made a sweet edit from the video we shot on our second run down Mary's Mountain. 

I believe E-40 calls this "Ghoststanding the Whip"