Week of September 5 - 11

Cramming for VT50.

Finally rested up and shifting focus 100% on running until the snow flies. Fifty-three miles on four days of running this week. The VT50 is just a couple weeks away and although I have a great base fitness, a lot of that is still hiking related. The OCC was good conditioning for a 50 miler but a lot of it wasn't runnable meaning I haven't had to flex my running muscles for 7+ hours. I'm hoping to stack a couple big days which will prep my system for a 50 miler that is 100% runnable. I'm still dealing with nerve issues along my left torso from the shingles but the meds stopped the blisters from doing much damage. The plan moving forward is to tone things back next week but get in consistent 5-10 mile focused runs (speed / tempo).

Monday: Rest. Wasn't feeling great. Shingles + antiviral meds and figured I'd continue to heal up. 

Squall bored out of his puppy mind.

Tuesday: Rest. 
Wednesday: 10.2 miles. Great run on mostly dirt roads. It's a start to logging a normal mileage week plus it had some good hills in there.
Thursday: 15.5 miles. I planned for 18 but I didn't bring water / nutrition and struggled on those last few miles. A good effort though and time on feet. Coming back for the full 18 next week.
Friday: 7.3 miles. With Hilary and her brother. First 5 relaxed and picked it up on the last two. I did get some good sailing in with the McCloy clan.

Sailing on Lake Sunapee.

Saturday: Rest. Spectating the Pitch Pine Challenge.

Pitch Pine Challenge Venue - White Lake State Park

Sunday: 20 miles. An uptempo long run. I really enjoy this loop since it starts with a nice downhill. Everything was smooth until 13 miles and my legs were gone. I held on for the rest of the run but it was a battle. This was my cram run and stacking another long run run off this but slower and with more elevation.

SRKG Trails

This morning I drove down to Wilmot to meet up with my cousin Ben and his wife for a 12+ mile trail run through the Sunapee area. He's been checking off trails from SRK Greenway for the past few weeks and invited me to come join him for trails 1 & 2. 

The SRK Greenway is a 75-mile loop of hiking trails in central New Hampshire. The Greenway Trail System circles the Lake Sunapee area and connects Sunapee, Ragged, and Kearsarge Mountains. 

We ditched my truck at the Sunapee Town Office and then headed to Newbury Harbor, the southernmost point of Lake Sunapee. The hike starts with the ascent up the backside of Sunapee Ski Area offering views of Lake Sunapee and Lake Solitude along the way. The trail then wraps around the summit and heads back down in to Old Province Road where you have to pound the pavement for 2.6 miles before you link back up on snow mobile trails and singletrack. This section wasn't well maintained and probably gets next to no foot traffic. 

We popped back out to my truck around 1PM making for a great trail run and perfect time to try out Marzelli's Deli for lunch. We then headed over to Hilary's parent's house to pick up a Kayak they won in a raffle and didn't need and jam that into my truck. I dropped Ben off and headed home, sleepy and satisfied.