Week of December 5 - 11

Winter is Here!

It's tough to hold back excitement of the first real snow storms, especially when they are followed by cold temps instead of rain. We got 6" last weekend plus another 6" this weekend. The mountains got more and with the winds are starting to load up snow in Tuckerman Ravine so I was able to make a couple trips up to ski Left Gully. The conditions weren't anything special but coverage was awesome and was able to ski all the way down to the parking lot. Overall it was an excellent week heading into my first race of the season. Body feels good and am looking forward to heading to Idaho this week. 

Monday: Bike - 1:30hrs @ 240w
Tuesday: Ski - Left Gully | Powder Hour 1hr
Wednesday: Run - 40 mins, 4.3 mi
Thursday: Ski - 2 laps at Cranmore | Yoga 1hr
Friday: Bike - 2hrs @ 246w
Saturday: Ski - Wildcat x 2
Sunday: Ski - Left Gully

Total Vert: 15k
Total Time: 15hrs 45min