Vermont 50 Miler

Strap in, this is a long one. 

One of the primary reasons for this site is to help others get some insight races that will help in their preparation. I did a ton of research on this race but still felt like there is a lot of very useful information to pass along. On top of that, there's plenty to talk about from the racing perspective and being my first race over 13.1 miles, there was a lot of unknown. 

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Lay Day

Finally took a full day off for the first time in a few weeks (minus collecting some wood from my parents). This gave me a chance to recovery slightly although by giving the body rest you really start to feel all the wear and tear. 

I've started getting up around 5AM to set up for the 6:30AM start on Sunday. A few more days of this and I should be "acclimated". I also spent some time reading race reports and going over the race map to familiarize myself with the course and what better way to do this than with google earth:

Idle minds make maps

Idle minds make maps

I've been burned a few times by not studying the course at certain races. It helps to know the general direction/elevation profile of the course and the aid station distribution. At this point, there really isn't much left to do to prep for the race aside from making a pack list.