Week of Feb 15 - 21

A very productive week! I was able to clock in a ton of time outside with several quality efforts to make a well-rounded seven days of training.

Monday: Awesome hike up / run down Mt. Isolation. The snowpack was excellent and the weather cooperated nicely. The views from the summit were better than I recalled from my last hike there more than 20 years ago. We capped off the night with Run Strong Yoga.


Engine Hill Birch Glades.

Engine Hill Birch Glades.

View of The Southern Presidentials.

Bundled on the Summit of Mt. Isolation


Tuesday: RAIN. Still got outside for hill repeats at a moderate effort on Goe Hill. It was sanded and had better footing than East Madison Road. It was good to get in a workout and knock training out for the day.

Wednesday: Late start coming back from Portland but motivated to Mt Hale which involved a lot more walking than we anticipated. The 2.5 miles to the trailhead was mostly skinable. We only made it another 1.5 miles up the trail (leaving 0.7mi to the summit) because we had to make it back for Run Strong Class (plus we got skunked on the weather). Made it to class with plenty of time to spare plus I opted to run home for extra credit. Big day.

Grim coverage on Zealand Road. Iced up all the way down to the bridge.

Rare open stream crossings in February.

Peaking out towards Mt Washington.


Thursday: Dropped my car off to get inspected and ran 7.6mi home. Faster pace than I wanted because I was late for a massage appointment. 

Friday: A 10 mile run in Madison followed by 1hr 10min bike ride in the pain cave. Great to stack up a couple hour+ efforts.

Saturday: SNOW! Went up to Prospect Farm to preview the Cross Cat Traverse course. I skinned it last year and had a good time. How quickly I forgot how flat it was! This was compounded by the hot sticky snow that was relentless the entire way up (burnt out the hip flexors very quickly). Squall took the brunt of it but it was a good workout and I ended up carrying him all the way down.

Slogging through the birch glades.

Love the wintery feel of breaking trail in the evergreen corridors.

A hundred feet from the [ski] summit of Wildcat.

Sunday: The "bikini" long run in Freedom / Eaton / Maine with Jim Johnson. The hills hurt on this one after the week of stacking vert and first run over 12 miles in quite some time. 

Run: 49.3 mi | 6,634'
Bike: 1hr 10mins
Backcountry: Mount Hale (Attempt), Wildcat (4,400')
Hike: Mt Isolation (3,940')
Misc: Yoga 1hr, Circuits 1hr