Week of Mar 14 - 20

Feeling better! This week I shifted my focus back to running (base miles) as my sacrum felt much better allowing me to run easier. I still couldn't get any workouts in but I should be able to get some in on Tuesday / Thursday next week. Hitting 50'ish miles is a good sign though. On top of that, Hilary and I hiked Mount Shaw and Black Snout which was on the docket for a marathon snowshoe run this winter that never happened. We hiked the ups and ran the flat/downs. Beautiful perspective of the White Mountains that I rarely see from the southwest. 

The bike took a hit but I'm fine with that - I'm hitting all my numbers I hit last year at this point without any issue plus I got in a quick bike workout Sunday that felt great. Once the sun comes back out I'll play around on Glen Ledge and Pinkham to get real hill work in but the trainer is very efficient since you don't have to drive anywhere and there's no coasting for recovery. 

On the ski end of things, it was a lot of fun to go watch the 100k make-a-wish event at Wildcat on Monday. Gabe Flanders and I skinned three runs each and I took a lift-served run with Ben and Trevor. Next year I'm pushing for an uphill division and going for 8-10 runs... 

Also, Friday was the 43rd Red Parka Pub Challenge Cup. I had a good day, qualifying 7th (again) but was KO'd in the first round against Trevor Tasker. He skied very well plus had great starts. No complaints with getting beat straight up (only by 0.23 total: 0.16 + 0.07) but motivated to ski faster next season. Here's [low quality] video from the day:

Run: 49.5mi | 4,836'
Bike: 45mins
Backcountry: Cranmore & Wildcat  | 8,560'
Hike: Mount Shaw & Black Snout | 7.6mi | 2,395'
Misc: Red Parka Pub Challenge Cup (7th Qualifying, bumped first round)

Best photo from the RPP 2016 - Parker Haynes going for a 360 off the bump.

Second best photo from the RPP 2016 - Ben Drummond

Alec Tarberry - #gromlife

View from Mount Shaw.

Puppy visit at Olde Bay Aussies on Sunday.