August 14 - 27, 2017

Recapping a couple lost weeks here. 

The week of August 14th was a recovery of sorts from the Ragged 50k which beat me up nicely. I had a very bad calf cramp that race that tore some muscle resulting in what I thought might have been worse than it really was. I managed nearly 50 miles with two days off plus a hike up Mount Crawford. I thought I was recovered by Sunday but that calf was still giving me some warning shots on my evening 11 mile run. A good "recovery" week nonetheless. Oh and a nice visit to Olde Bay Aussies to see their 18 puppies! 

The week of August 21st was similar in mileage but I added in a track workout, long run, a bunch of biking, and a nice hike up to Lakes of the Clouds. It was high in volume but kept mileage in check and let that calf recover. With all the extracurricular activity that week I was definitely feeling smoked heading to Europe.  On to UTMB!