Madison Peakbagging

Leave no peak unbagged - Jim Johnson's unofficial motto. An so we ran up to the unnamed peak that sits above Modock Road from the East Madison side right before the Class 6 road connector. The access road is blocked by a gate near the turnoff and winds about 300' to the summit. It's amazing how many 300' hill climbs there are in this area, at least 3 I can think of at the top of my head. This one is wide enough for an ATV and doesn't really have much of a lookout. It was something different and might be worth checking out on a clear day. We slogged back around Albert Road in the rain but it was an easy pace and made the run semi-enjoyable given the conditions. 

11 Miles in the Neighborhood

It has been a tough go getting used to running at night again. By the time it's dark out my body thinks it's close to bedtime and it's really just 4:30. It took a while to get motivated today and I was thinking about meeting up with some locals for a group run but it would add on a half hour in travel and I just didn't have the time. With no route in mind I ran up Bickford and back over to Modock before looping Colby Hill to Albert and back. It was a peaceful run and running with a headlight is like running with blinders - you just go until you're done. Nothing to really see so the positive is that you zone out but the bummer is you miss out on the scenery. It won't take long to adjust but it's always a shock to the system at first.

Bald Ledge

Hilary returned from here weekend in California visiting family and after some resting we motivated for a short hike up to Bald Ledge via the Tower Trail / Panther Trail. The massive amounts of leaves made for tough footing but we all survived with our ankles in one piece. 

Happy trail pups performing for the camera (and a treat).

Up on Bald Ledge just before the sun set over the ridge line.

After the hike I still wanted to get some miles in so I ran up to Downs Road and back. Nice and easy but my legs aren't feeling durable right now - they were flat after that easy hike.

Trout Pond Loop

Awesome midday run. 5.75 miles around Trout Pond in the summer-like weather. It was tough to get Squall started but once he was moving we were good. Counter-clockwise through a few brap junctions. A few pictures from the jaunt: 

Trout Pond located in Freedom Town Forest, NH

Finally got Squall moving!

Finally got Squall moving!

Another pit stop at Trout Pond.

I also got another bonus run in with Hilary when she got out of work. Feeling a little better, still working NYC out of the system!

Six From the House

I'll consider this run a "shakeout" but I wasn't exactly sore from the half yesterday, more rundown than anything. The past few weeks have been non-stop for the legs and I'm due to slow it down and restore some pep in my steps. I put off this run until it was nearly dark and went three miles out to Lead Mine Road and Black Brook Road. I saw Jim Johnson's SUV parked there so I knew he was probably metal detecting in the area so I kept an eye out. Right around mile 3 he popped out of the woods and distracted me just long enough that I missed the super moon on the run back! It was very dark too and I certainly wasn't dressed Hi-Vis. Going to have to dig the running lights out of the gear room!

Pound Road Tune Up

Just a good run around the block. A bit concerned that I might not be able to hold my goal pace for tomorrow so I put in a few strides to see how things felt. The verdict - still concerned! Ended up getting in 5 and calling it good. The legs are feeling mediocre but I know that I've put in quality work since the VT50. Time to relax and put the legs up! 


King Pine Triathlon

The King Pine Tri was a 'must do' race that I actually registered for in December. Yes, I was that committed. This was my home turf - I grew up going to summer camp at King Pine and learned to ski there. I suppose my first triathlon / duathlon experiences were here at Purity Lake - We swam the half mile across then ran back along sunset road (that would be more fun than the out and back on 153!).  In April, I actually moved to East Madison, two miles up from King Pine and on the bike course. 

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