Hike / Swim / Done

Spent yesterday AM de-flagging the White Horse & Cathedral sections of the beast course. Gabe said he had the small loop and large loop taken care of but there were definitely flags all the way to Lucy Brook and around Echo Lake. Squall and I put in 8.3 miles of mostly hiking with a little running and it actually helped to clarify the trail network back there for me - you could actually see the Red Ridge trail and North Moat from a few of the lookouts! 

After running some errands the temps heated so I went to Purity Lake and took a quick nap before doing an out and back. Still rocked from the weekend and super low energy. Swim went fine, easy-moderate effort 14:14 out and exactly the same time on the return. 

And to cap things off, I went out on a 5 mile run with Hilary. 9 minute mile downhill split tells the tale. Time to back things off a little!

Beast of the East

As part of my weekend doubleheader, the Beast of the East half marathon was set to take place Sunday AM in what seems like trending wet/treacherous conditions. As if running 13 miles with 4500'+ of vert on highly variable east coast terrain (read rocky/rooty/scrambling) wasn't hard enough, add water to the mix then you have several type of granite - the slip n' slide variety and the false confidence grippy when wet variety. This race was on my radar last year but also followed the Pitch Pine Tri so I didn't double dip. However, in preparation for the VT50 I thought it would be good to stack a couple efforts, pushing through tired legs.

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