Week of May 30 - June 4

Heavy Pack Pemi Loop.

Worked! I had a great week logging and slogging in the mountains. 40+ miles hiking the Pepemigewasset wilderness and Wildcat Range. My body held up well and I was also able to continue running albeit it was a low mileage week. You can't count hiking miles as running miles but the gained leg strength is noticeable. 

Here's a few photos from the hikes plus my edit from the Pemi:

Taking a break to pose in front of Lincoln.

Franconia Ridge catching the golden hour.

View of Canon Cliffs approaching Lincoln.

Looking into the heart of the Pemi Wilderness.

Classic Bond Cliff.

Squall was walking gingerly after this effort but made a full recovery the following day.

A couple days after the Pemi Loop, Hilary was set on checking off a few peaks herself. She opted for the Wildcat Range plus Carter Dome. I always prefer the late start to catch the sunset from a summit so we didn't get moving until late afternoon. I spotted my truck at 19 mile brook trail then ran the 3.7 miles up to Pinkham Visitor Center where I had dropped Hilary, Squall, and our gear off. We sweated our way up the steep climb to get on the ridge of Wildcat E then enjoyed the traverse across the ridge line, checking off all the other Wildcats along the way. I managed to puncture my left arch on a rusty fence wire that was sticking out of the ground on the summit of the Ski Area. That freaked me out at first but it turned out to be a non-issue for the remainder of the hike. We dropped down to Carter Notch, one of my favorite spots in the Whites. We were running out of time so we just refilled water and pushed up Carter Dome. The first half mile of that ascent is a crusher. We slogged up the Carter-Moriah trail to the Summit and timed it nicely to catch a rather uneventful sunset from the summit. At 8:30 we started our 6-mile descent back down to the 19 Mile Brook parking lot. We made good time for night hiking and ran what sections we could, arriving at our Truck just after 10pm. 

View of Mount Washington over Lost Pond.

Carter Notch view of the Wildcat A cliffs.

One of the lookouts hiking up the Wildcat Ridge Trail.

Carter Notch - view over the southern pond.

Carter Notch - view over the northern pond..

Carter Notch - view of the Carter Dome cliff prow.

Pulpit Rock as viewed from the Carter-Moriah overlook. 

Run: 33 mi | 3,000' 
Hike: 42.8 | 14,425'
Bike: 3.9 miles (Redtail Trail - Down)