Week of May 23 - 29

Run Mode.

Northern view from summit of Mount Chocorua.

With the door on the 15/16 ski season finally shut, and a bike race & triathlon behind me, I'm just now able to focus 100% on running. Last summer I focused on triathlon and ultra training which definitely hurt my running. Wait, isn's ultra training "running"? Depends how you train - I focused only on distance and skipped a lot of the speed/tempo training. The local weekly fun runs helped a little but I strayed from the speed / temp / long run format and focused only on miles that were generally long and slow. The quality of my runs was also compromised with the addition of swimming and biking. This summer I'm working on consistency with quality workouts and less junk miles. I'll also still be biking and swimming throughout the summer as cross-training but always secondary to my run workouts. 

This week I was able to jump up from 43 miles to 67 miles. This included a decent track workout, a lot of vert, and a bunch of junk miles split up into multiple 5-mile runs. I was focused on mileage but next week I'm looking to consolidate my running to a track workout on Tuesday, tempo on Thursday, and long run on Saturday or Sunday.  Less than two weeks until my next race. Been a while since I ran a 10k race!

In addition to the running, I also got in a bike ride, short swim, and a hike up / run down Chocorua. Check out the video below.

Run: 67.2 mi | 5,436' | 9hr 14min
Bike: 20.4 mi | 1hr 4min
Hike: 8.3 mi | 2,900' | 2hr50min
Swim: 15min | 0.6mi


My brother was in town from AK with his pup but now he's in Europe and I have his pup, ROSCO. I got back to Conway this morning and picked up Squall and Rosco from my parents and headed out to boulder loop for a quick hike. Here's some video:

Then that evening I squeezed in a 4 mile run right around dark. We are officially in the dreary no-mans-land of post-fall-pre-winter.

Rattlesnake & Middle Mountain

Part 2 of today's adventure was hijacking Hilary's afternoon hike. She originally wanted to do Peaked and Middle from the Thompson side but I said let's run sidehill up to Middle and over to Peaked. Well I got us going up the wrong drainage trying to get to the saddle between Rattlesnake and Middle. As a result we bushwhacked up to the Summit of Rattlesnake over some ledges taking in a few lookouts along the way. I thought we'd come across some trail eventually but we found nothing. We continued heading north along the ridge over some steep terrain and eventually crossed on to the trail on the saddle. From there we followed it to Middle, caught the sunset, then ran down to the power lines and back to our cars. Elvio's for dinner was in order after that excursion.