Silver Lake Half Marathon

To wrap up the week I was looking for 12 miles to put me at 65. It's a flat 12 to loop Silver Lake but it's a perfect 13.1 to add in the Jackman Ridge Trail. This new trail was cut this year and offers a nice 2'ish miles in the woods. It was surprisingly warm out by the time Hilary and I motivated to get out the door. I knew this was going to have a little bit of suffering just because my legs were beat up but that's part of getting better. It was a predictable run, 8:30 pace for a lot of it. There were seven other people out on the Jackman Ridge Trail which was great to see. By the time we got back on Rt 41 I was over it and wasn't even halfway. Hilary kept up for the most of the way but was having stomach issues. The last two miles I picked up the pace and was happy to get that one finished. 

My weekly goal was somewhere around 50 miles but with the Chocorua run/hike plus the race, I worked in a great mileage week. The body needs some recovery and I'll probably do a little more hiking biking but try to just focus on three quality runs this week.

3/1 Long Run in Sunapee

En route to VT for a wedding this weekend we opted for a layover in Sunapee at Hilary's parent's house. This broke the drive up and gave us a chance to make some time to see friends on the way. It also freed up a couple hours in the AM to get in a 15 mile run. I was initially thinking a tempo run but quickly realized that my legs were still beat up from the previous week. Running on pavement I thought I'd have a little more foot speed (which I did) but I wasn't hitting low sixes. Plan B was to run at a moderate pace and throw in some harder effort at the end (easy for 3/4, hard for last 1/4). 

The first loop was around 10 miles with some good climbing. I was able to hold 7 minute pace once I got warmed up with a nice easy to moderate effort. Once I returned back to Sunapee Harbor I opted for another few miles on the Burkhaven loop which begins with a 180' climb. Once over the hill I picked up the pace for the rest of the run. Four miles at 6:40 pace which while well above what I'd like to run for my half marathon (6 minute pace), it was still a moderate to hard effort at the end of a long run. 

I was out of water at mile 13 and worked the rolling hills before returning to the house. It's work like this that makes a big difference in my half marathon / road fitness.